Gentle and fast bikini hair removal

ES-WV60S - Bikini trimmer & shaver

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The trimmer and the shaver cut thick hair in the bikini area gently and speedily for a smooth finish. What's more, both the body and the head are waterproof.
  • Trimmer & shaver made for the bikini area: The blade dedicated to bikini area is gentle to the skin, while the small head allows grooming of hard-to-reach places.
  • Gentle trimmer cuts thick and long hair speedily: With a sharp 45° edge, the blade cuts thick, long hair speedily while the part which touches the skin is rounded for gentle grooming.
  • Shaver head for smooth shaving every day: The shaver head allows a gentle and close shave for a silky smooth finish. The net blade with big holes catches even thick hair firmly, while the sharp inner blade cuts them speedily.
  • Perfect for use on the go: The battery-powered shaver is slim and compact to easily fit in your cosmetic bag. It is always ready to go anywhere you need to take it. (Battery not included)
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